Scooters on rent in Dehradun @ Rs. 399/day

We provide full range of Tow wheelers Scooters, deals in Honda Activa, Suzuki access, Hero maestro,etc. on rent in Dehradun, Musoorie, Rishikesh and Haridwar at affordable prices. All Bullets are in well maintained by our Experts.

The Scooty rent starts at Rs. 399/day including the helmet and Gloves.

Royal Indian Rider have a full range of Bikes on rent in dehradun from last many years.

  • Honda Activa @ Rs. 399/day

Types of Bikes we provide on rent

  1. Scooters on rent
  2. Royal Enfield on rent
  3. Sports Bikes
  4. Bikes on rent
  5. Cruiser bikes on rent
  6. Mountain Bikes on rent
  7. Dirt bikes on rent
  8. Auto-gear Bikes on rent



Brand Model Rent per Day Security
Honda Activa 399 5000
Honda Aviator 399 5000
Hero Maestro 399 5000
Honda Dio 399 5000
Suzuki Access 399 5000
Piaggio Vespa 499 5000


Honda Activa 3G
Top speed 82 kmph
Mileage 61 kmpl
Honda Aviator
Top speed 82 km/h
Mileage 61 kmpl


Hero Maestro
Top speed 82 km/h
Mileage 60 kmpl


Honda Dio
Top speed 80 km/h
Mileage 55 kmpl



Suzuki Access
Top speed 85 km/h
Mileage 52 kmpl



Piaggio Vespa
Top speed 78 km/h
Mileage 58 kmpl